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Cowper, Ravella (Val, nee Gabbard).

Our sweet southern belle made her homecoming on Sunday September 25, 2016, where she is once again with her parents, siblings, and her first born baby, Carol Ann, who all went before her. Granny (aka Tootsie) lived for and was the heart of her family whom she cherished dearly and always put first. With typical Kentucky hospitality, food and especially her made with love homemade pies (pecan, cherry, apple, peach, blueberry), greeted family and guests with every visit. She exemplified love like 1 Corinthians 13:4-5, always patient and kind, did not dishonor others, not easily angered and kept no record of wrong. Val loved to sit and “chinnyboo” with family until all the problems of the world were solved, all the while offering up “snackypoos” even after a full meal. Known for her spunk and playfulness, she always welcomed a game of Yahtzee with anyone who dared to take her on. Her granddaughters sweetly remember, tea parties, fashion shows, baking, and granny allowing them to “style” her perfectly salon coiffed hair. This, plus so many other examples, taught us to not take life too seriously...just like her. Cause all you'd need was a little toilet paper around your head at night, a hair pick and it would be just fine the next day. Her grandson recalls that there were three guaranteed certainties when visiting gran, “You were going to be fed, you were going to have fun, and you were going to be loved.” He also states that, “Although she habitually cheated at Yahtzee, I can honestly say that I’ve never met a gentler soul in my entire life.” She will be deeply missed, but in her absence she leaves a legacy of love to her husband of 73 years Richard Sr, children Richard Jr (Constance), Fred (Sioux), Suzy (John), as well as her grandchildren (Faye, Leanne, Teressa, Zachary, Kelly, Amanda, and Mercedes) and her 11 great grandchildren.


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